I finally did what I thought I needed to do a while ago.  Yes, I did something incredibly monumental.  A watershed moment.  I gave up cable.  This is a pretty big shift for a kid who grew up with a TV in her room her entire life and used it as a night light,  Quite often it was the only companion I had, and is the reason I could probably quote lines from the Brady Bunch. This is huge

I really didn’t think I needed it anymore.  There were days where I didn’t even turn on the TV, so I thought that this would really not be much of a difference. I figured I was done with my TV fascination and sure could use the money I would be saving by getting rid of a cable bill.

Well, what I didn’t anticipate was how quiet my house was going to be.  I’ve tried a Netflix substitution and even podcasts, but I’m finding it very difficult to find the kind of mindless background noise that TV provided.  I actually want to listen to the podcasts I listen to and I have a similar problem with music.  I’m finding I miss the voices of TV that allowed me to go about doing other things and yet still feel less alone.   Strange.

I”m sure I’ll adjust, but it is just an interesting turn of events.  I may actually have to get used to hearing my own thoughts.  Yikes.